WDS 20023+6438

Double Star System

The Double Star Research Team (DSRT) at Southern Utah University (Gideon Johnson, Dallas Anselmo, William Zerkle, Morgan Taylor, Sterling Young, Taylor Hammack, with faculty advisor Rhett Zollinger) combined observation with GAIA data and found that none of the stars are gravitational companions, however, one pair may be a common proper motion pair. Their paper, “CDC Measurements of AB and AC Components of WDS 20023+6438", was published in the Journal of Double Star Observations in January 2019.

Measurements of the position angles and separation are collected and documented for the triple star system WDS 20023+6438 with components of STTA200AB and STTA200AC. Our observations of the AB component are consistent with the motion trend established by previous observations. The AC component showed no significant deviation in position from prior observations. Results from the Gaia database for this system of stars were also considered, suggesting that neither component is gravitationally bound and that the AC component may be a common proper motion pair. 

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