WDS 02222+2437

Double Star System

High school students, Hamza Samha, Jonathan Ginouves, Taime Clark, Savana LeBaron, and Jasmine Tapia from the Success Academy in Cedar City had an opportunity to work with Professor Cameron Pace on scientific research using the GBO. They analysed the Double Star system WDS 02222+2437, separated images and position angles measured using AstroImageJ, and compared these measurements to past observations. They found their measurements along with proper motion and parallax data from the Gaia database, demonstrate that the two stars are an optical double, not a binary system.

Their work was published in the Journal of Double Star Observations in April 2019, "CCD and GAIA Observations Indicate That WDS 02222+2437 Is Not Gravitationally Bound". Read their paper to learn more.

We are so proud of these amazing high school students and their dedicated teacher, Micah Jackson. Doing this type of research and scientific publication is quite an accomplishment!

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