WDS 01295+6317

Double Star System

High school students, Brenlie Shirts, Ali Talib, and Breckan Shirts, at the SUCCESS Academy of Dixie State University had the opportunity to work with their teacher Charmain Brammer, Southern Utah University professor Dr. Cameron Pace, and the Great Basin Observatory to observe a triple star system WDS 01295+6317. Students analyzed the relationship between the A and C components of this star system as the A and B components are too close to each other for the GBO to get a meaningful resolution. Twenty images were collected of the system with an exposure time of 60 seconds each. These V filter images were then calibrated via AstroImageJ to remove noise. With the images they collected along with historical observations from the Naval observatory, the students concluded that the A C pair of the WDS 01295+6317 system are not gravitationally bound to each other. 

Read their paper here.


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